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January 16
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           Little reader X Daddy Prussia chapter five: Birthday wish
4:02 A.M the alarm goes off and you awake with an intense excitement, feelings bubble forth as you spring out of bed. Not bothering to get dressed, you rush down the long staircase as fast as your little legs would carry you. “Oh I hope vatti is still asleep!” Today was one week closer to your birthday and you wanted to do something special for your vatti so as to be on extra good terms with him when you're birthday came around. You had your eye on a new colouring kit. You slid into the kitchen bumping right into the back of Mr. Austria who was at the moment making tea. The sudden body contact made you squeak. “Oh Mr. Austria I'm so terribly sorry! I didn't think anyone was awake this early!”
Austria turned around a small scowl adorning his lips. “____, you need to be more careful! You could have gotten hurt or made me spill my tea.” He sighed and placed the cup on the counter. “Vhy are you up so early frau?” He picked you up and placed you on the counter near the teapot.
“Because....I wanted to make vatti breakfast in bed. I know he works out with Onkle at five so I got up extra early to make him breakfast.” You twiddled your thumbs and gave austria the best pouty face you could muster making the Austrian nation chuckle. “Alright zhen Frau, vhat vere you thinking of making him?” You smiled brightly and began to talk excitedly. “Last night I found a recipe I wanted to try out. It’s wurst inside of waffles! I was also thinking that maybe Vatti would like some eggs and strawberries too! He needs to have a good breakfast so he can train real hard!” Austria looked at you in bewilderment. “You vant to put vurst inside of the waffles?” You grinned wide and nodded your head furiously. After the initial shock, the Austrian smiled at the girls charming notion. “Vell zhen ve are going to have to get out some vurst und waffle mix.” Your eyes widened. “Wait, does this mean you're gonna help?” Austria simply nodded his head.
It made you happy to know that you were going to have help making breakfast. Austria was a good cook and his sweets were always the best. “Thank you very much for the help Mr. Austria.” The man just smiled and gathered the necessary ingredients as you hopped off the counter. “I’ll get the mixing bowls and the knife we need to cut the wurst.” You walked towards the draws were Onkle kept the knives and opened it. “I need a knife that is not too sharp but not too dull...What are those knives in between called?” You questioned the name of the knife you were looking for. “Oh yeah! Its a steak knife!” You smiled triumphantly and retrieved said utensil from the drawer and placed it on to the counter next to the cutting board. You the walked a short distance to the cabinets where the bowls were and picked out a large plastic one that was easy for you to carry, you then placed it on the counter next to the knife. “I have the stuff mister Austria.” Grabbing a stool from under the counter you climb up and onto the counter just as Austria places the wurst and waffle mix on the cutting board.
“Frau I do not want you to use the knife ok? Knives are dangerous.”  You bob your head up and down. Messy blonde locks bouncing around. “Mr. Roderich Thanks for helping. I really really appreciate it.” Austria nods, pats you on the head ruffling you're untamed locks and begins to cut up the wurst. You hop off the counter and eye him cautiously watching how he cuts the sausage in perfect  pieces. “Will you teach me to use a knife?” Austria stops and glances at you quickly before starting up again. “Ja. I suppose I could teach you how to use a knife. But only when there is an adult watching are you ever allowed to use a knife ok?” You grin and nod. “Yes mr. Roderich.” Austria gives you a smile and places the cut up pieces of wurst into the bowl you had gotten out. “Now fraulein I need you to get a spoon to mix it und zhe measuring cups.” You give him a curt nod and briskly walk around the kitchen to gather the items asked for. You place the spoon on the counter and fill the measuring cup up with water and place it on the counter next to the spoon. “Ok now what?” Austria turns to you. “Go and grab a frying pan and place it on the stove. Then grab the already opened butter stick and place the small slice that was left in the pan.” The tasks that were given to you were simple and you found them fun. As you opened the fridge the chilled air mixed with the cool morning air and it made you shiver. You searched for the butter but you could not locate the whereabouts of the oily delicious yellow substance. “Mr. Austria I can not find the butter. Is It on the top shelf?”
“You know vhat frau I zhink it is. Vhy don’t you grab your stool so you can reach it.” That sounded like a good idea. Vatti had gotten you that nice yellow stool with the chicks on it so you could help him in the kitchen. You closed to refrigerator door stopping the attack of cool air and retrieved you're stool from its place next to Mr.Austria. You carefully set it up next to the refrigerator and tugged the door open. Now a foot and a half taller than usual the butter was easily spotted and retrieved. Hopping from you're cute yellow stool and closing the door you take the tiny bit of butter that was left and you place it on the counter. Sliding around the kitchen in your socks you quickly slid to the area of the kitchen with the frying pans. Luckily for you Onkle kept them under the cabnits so they were within reach.
Austria stopped what he was doing and turned around. “Frau vill you get zhe waffle iron instead. I do not know vhy I asked for a frying pan. you can not make waffles vissout a waffle iron.” You looked up frying pan in hand and nodded. “Yes! That is rather silly trying to make waffles without a waffle iron.” You smiled and placed the unneeded pan back into its spot and grabbed the waffle iron which luckily for you was located next to the frying pans. But boy was it heavy. “Mr austria I can’t lift it up high enough to put it on the counter! Will you be my muscle and put it on the counter for me?” The Austrian nation chortled at being called “muscles” and Turned to help the struggling six year old with the heavy metal waffle iron.
You let out a sigh when the heavy metal object is lifted from your grasp. “Thank you Mr. Austria It was very heavy!”
“I can imagine so Frau. You are only six. It vas silly of me to ask you to carry such a heavy object. Now I vill need you to butter zhe waffle iron once I plug it in. But be careful to not burn yourself.” You nod your head vigorously. “Oh yes mr. Roderich I know I must be very very careful!” Grabbing a butter knife and the butter from the counter you do as instructed. “Ok mr. Austria thats done what now?” Austria was mixing everything together as the waffle iron heated itself up. Soon enough the mix was poured into the iron and the wurt waffles began to take shape. Austia turned to you. “___ i remember why i had you get the frying pan. We need it for the eggs. Or do you think we should make them on the griddle?” You stood there in thought a moment before pointing a tiny finger at the large black iron griddle on the stove. Nodding Austria cracked open a few eggs and stirred them around in a bowl before placing the eggs on the griddle and scrambling them. “____ go and get some strawberries and cut them up with the knife I used for the wurst. But be careful and cut them slowly.” Giggling you grab three strawberries and cut two of the three delicious red berries. The knife slices through the berries flesh smoothly and you can’t help but smile being able to use a big persons knife. Austria kept a close eye on what you were doing as well as keeping an eye on the eggs and waffles. The austrian was very good at multitasking when it came to things he was well educated in. Soon enough the breakfast was ready and everything was set up nice and neat on the table.

Prussia and ludvig yawned as their alarms went off in the different parts of the house simultaneously. Getting up Prussia rubbed his eyes, scratched his head and stretched. Gilbird waking up because his master had awoken tweeted mirthfully at the albino nation. The man chuckled and got dressed and ready to start his morning. On the other side of the house The blonde younger german brother buttoned the last button on his coat and made his way downstairs towards the kitchen to make himself something to eat before working out. Upon entering the kitchen he noticed ____ standing at the door a grin covering the lower half of her face. “Vell you are up early, guten morgen frau.”
Hearing you're onkel you brighten anp and run to him clinging to his waist. “Good morning onkel! did you sleep well? Where is vatti? I got up extra early because I wanted to make vatti breakfast.” You gasp and look down at your feet sadly. “But...I didn’t make you breakfast..I'm sorry onkel.” you pout and kick your feet.
Germany smiles at you and ruffles you hair. “Zhats ok mein frau, you don’t have to make onkel breakfast. How about I make the two of us breakfast? ve can have wurst und potatoes~” he almost sang the last part in hope you would perk up, which you did.
“Oh really onkel?! youll make me breakfast too even though I didn't make you any? and you’ll make wurt and potatoes to boot?!” Joy exploded from your body and you did a dance before clinging to his waist once more. “Oh onkel you're the bestest in the whole universe!”
The large german nation smiled. It really was nice having ___ around. Prussia matured quite a bit since adopting her. It also helped to cure the nations sadness, this little blonde child was the remedy for everything that ailed him. Scooping you into his arms Germany sat you on a stool at the island and began to cook.
“Oh I hope vatti gets here soon. His food will get cold.” And like some aincent dark summoning ritual the Albino male walked in kissing his daughter on the head and taking a seat next to her. “Guten morgen Kuken, vhat are you doing up so early haah?” You giggled and pointed at the plate of food. “Vatti mr. Austria helped me make you breakfast! It wurst waffles eggs and strawberries so you have plenty of energy to work out today!”
Prussia was stunned. You had gotten up and made him breakfast? Here you are a six year old girl getting up tto make her vatti breakfast at unseamly times of the morning.It smelled good, looked good too. “Mein little did this just for vatti?” ____ nodded her head. “Ohhh vhat a sveet little girl you are kuken...Danke baby it looks delicious. Can vatti start eating now?”
Seeing the joy in your vattis face as he spoke made you even happier. you didn't even care about being on good terms for your birthday, you just wanted to see you're vatti happy. You're vatti asked you if he could eat and you wriggled in your seat. “Yes yes eat before it gets cold and yucky!”
Chuckling Prussia nods his head and dives into the food made for him. “Mmmm! frau zhis is awesome! Danke mein wonderful kuken zhat vas a vuderbar idea to put wurst into the waffles!”  Prussia chewed happily and the meal made specially for him, he was so happy to have such a thoughtful and sweet daughter. Moments later Germany placed a plate of wurst and potatoes in front of you and you ate happily.
As the day went on you and vatti had a fun day while he was teaching you all about his nation and the man he was today. You and vatti played some video games with japan when he came over with Italy. And pretty soon the day was almost at a close. You were cuddled in vatis lape blue eyes turned to his crimson ones.
“Ja Kuken?”
“Ich liebe dich vatti.” Prussias heart felt as though it was melting and he nuzzled the top of your blond mop. “Ich Libe dich auch Kuken.” His face brightened up and his eyes twinkled. “Say’ll be seven in a week. Vhat do you vant for your birthday?”
You sat up straight and thought hard about it. You had wanted that art set...but now something else seemed more appropriate.
“Vati...I’d like to have a picnic with mommy and daddy and you and gilbird and onkel germany and mr. Austria and the puppies. Thats what I want for my birthday, I don't need any presents I just wanna spend it with my family. So....can we spend the day with mommy and daddy?” Prussias heart had been melting before but now it shattered in his chest. All she wanted for her birthday was to have a picnic on the hill where her parents were buried and to have himself his brother and austria there because she wanted to spend it with her family? Oh Gott..his kuken had entirely restored his faith in humanity and shattered the emotional wall he had built. Tears spilled from his eyes and he sobbed loudly as he clung to his precious daughter. “Of course ve can kuken...Ja vatti would like zhat very much!”
Seeing you're vatti cry was strange and you didn't like seeing him sad so you wrapped you're arms around him and hugged him close. “Vatti don’t be sad..its ok because well all be happy together forever!” The sweet gesture only seemed to make him cry more but he had a smile on his face so you knew he was happy.
Upon hearing the wails from almost every corner of the house the other two occupants walked in to the heartwarming scene. “Vhats wrong bruder? Vhy are you sobbing like ein child?”
“Ja prussia vhats zhe matter viss you?” Prussia was so out of it he couldn't even talk properly.
“Zhe kuken...she...her...I just.. QUIT STARING AT ME GOTT VERDAMMT” Becoming quickly flustered he buried his face in your shirt and refused to look at them
“Vatti got sad because I said I wanted to spend my birthday with everyone on the hill where mommy and daddy are, and that i said I didn't want any presents. But then he got happy cuz I told him we would all be together. Now vatti’s upset because you saw him cry.” You looked quite concerned for your father and your onkle and M.r austria just smiled.
“Oh kuken, vatti is just happy and moved because that was a selfless act for such a little frau. Don’t vorry he’ll be ok soon.” Onkel ludvig smiled and left the room M.r austria doing the same shortly after.
The day was finally here, your long awaited birthday had come and you were helping put the picnic together with Mr. Roderich while vatti loaded the car up and Onkel loaded the dogs in the car. Soon the six of you were off to the hill where your parents were buried. You and vatti ran around the hill playing tag with the dogs while Onkel and Mr. roderich shared a pot of tea and talked about this and that. “Vatti vatti you can’t catch me vatti!” You giggled and evaded you're Vatti’s every attempt to catch you. (although prussia wasn't really trying to capture you so much as make you giggle and smile.) The day went on like that with all of you playing laughing and all together having fun. It was getting late and the sun was starting to set. Prussia scooped you up and placed you on his lap
“Frau I know you said you didn't vant anything vouldn’t be a birthday vissout a gift or two.” Germany walked down the hill for a few moments and when he had returned he had a large basket with gifts in it.
“Ve all got you a gift Frau.” Germany smiled as he placed the basket down and watched as you're face lit up and you placed tiny hands over your rapidly reddening face. Excitedly you pulled out a small neatly wrapped gift with green wrapping paper. The label read the boys on it with pawprints so you knew it was from the dogs. Giggling you nicely unwrapped it and squeaked when you saw the cute little bone necklace with your name on it. “Oh thank you puppies! I love it!” Onkle picked out a blue gift with silver ribbons and handed it to you. The label read to kuken with love- Onkel. When you opened up the sweet medium sized package you squealed with delight. It was a bunch of new brand new dresses. you hopped up and game you're onkle a hug and each one of the dogs received a kiss on the snout and a belly rub. Austrai picked a small purple gist with blue bows. You excitedly unwrapped the gift to reveal a pretty handmade tea set. “Oh thank you Mr. Austria they're so pretty!” you got up and wrapped him in a hug. Finally Prussia picked out a red gift with gold ribbon. The label read with love from Vatti with love, and as you were opening it you could already see it was the art set that you had wanted. “Oh vatti! Oh vatti Its perfect! Oh thank you vatti thank you. How did you know I wanted this? I never told any of you?!”
Prussia laughed and cuddled his elated child close to him. “I'm a Vatti, Vattis alvays know Kuken, Also vatti is an big bruder und big bruders also alvays know. Its our job to know mein little Kuken. Happy birthday sveetheart Ich liebe dich.” Prussia nuzzled the child in his arm and placed a soft kiss on her head. At the same moment a warm sweet smelling breeze drifted by and a voice seemed to whisper I love you. The branches of the tree atop the hill swayed in the warm breeze and ___ smiled. “Mommy and daddy are happy Vatti, I think they like you a lot.” Prussia nodded his head and looked to the small graves a tear running down his cheek as he whispered back “Danke for such a precious gift.”
You have one wish for your birthday and vatti makes it happen.
ME: HAVE SOME FEELS! -flings feels at you-
Image was made on a doll maker site
Thanks to 



for being there with me as i wrote it.
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